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Process Blog

Short Term Identity


Project Overview: 
Research and design a visual program for an organization or event randomly picked. (My event and location were Lantern Festival and Hong Kong, China). Create a short term identity system for said event, and create promotional materials that would engage the viewer and persuade them to participate.

Design Concept:
Representing traditional Chinese culture, I brought in similar color schemes and imagery to create an authentic and engaging design, and to engage the viewer and persuade them to participate in a similar authentic and engaging experience. I used bright, bold colors along with dark black spreads throughout my materials to show the contrast and excitement of bright lantern lights in the night sky.

Additionally, I created lantern imagery (as seen in the logo, on the brochure front cover and in my poster) by finding real images of festival lanterns and creating a collage of them by layering them ontop of each other and playing with the opacity. This created an authentic representation of real lantern lights with a creative twist.

To engage viewers further, in the housing unit, I created craft cards for kids where on one side, it shows a real life Chinese artifact or product, and on the other side of the card, it shows origami directions on how to create a paper version of it. This encouraged kids to get involved with the materials and the event.